The Saturday Afternoon Thing!


Winter hang time on The Halifax Waterfront! 

It is the last few days of our full season. This is always a bitter-sweet time for me. I will miss doing tours and the inevitability of winter is harder and harder to escape as the days grow shorter. Over the off-season, I will miss the people I connect with so effortlessly on a daily basis when tours are in full swing.


On the sweet side, this means more time with my family, time to try out some fun kitchen tips I picked up over the summer, time to get into all the projects I’ve been planning for around the house; and of course……Tour planning!

We will be doing the Holiday Gift Pack again, I have three retail locations lined up for this year! I’m so excited. Stay tuned for further details as the Holiday season approaches!

I am also Kicking off a New off-season Tour! I am almost giddy about this! I’m Calling it the “Saturday Afternoon Thing!”  This is of course a food tour, but let’s be real; It’s a food tour every time I leave my house.  There will be food! It’s also a hangout. I’ve scheduled it from 1pm to 4pm Saturday’s in the downtown. You could hit the farmers market in the morning, hang out with me for the afternoon, and go on for a night out on the town! weekend perfection. I got the idea for this over the summer. I was working some pretty long hours, I was a little tired and dusty, and my mind wandered to what I would do right then if I had the Day Off. The answer came to me that I would go to visit some of my favourite people, eat some great food, get coffee, share a laugh, chat, take in some art, and so on. Basically, left to my own devices, I would snack and poke around town. Allow me to point out; this is essentially my job anyway, so it was a pretty happy thought conclusion.  So, yes; I designed a route based on just that! This is an ambitious route (up to 10 stops!) we will visit with some of my favourite people, and they will serve you treats! We will stop at an art gallery, Art and treats!  we will get coffee and other hot/cold bevies and finish up with a tasting experience. What is a tasting experience? It’s that thing you do when you taste something and then get an idea to try it with another something. In my line of work I get a lot of these inspirations and just over the last little bit I’ve found ways to bring this to you! It is my hope that we will share conversation and laughs, I will talk about history and tell stories, (My family has pointed out that I can’t seem to help myself in that regard.)  Most of all, I want to show you how great Halifax is on a (off-season) Saturday Afternoon. This is inspiration to get out and enjoy the city, you’ll feel instantly welcomed into the community, and discover some possibilities for your own hangout fun!

I hope to have this up and running by Saturdays in December. We’ll take a short Break over the Holiday ,and get right back at it in January! I’m offering this at the introductory price of $50.00 including HST (prices may go up a bit during the summer months) Holiday Gift Packs will Cover Two tickets to this fun, Saturday, afternoon…….thing.

As always; you can call me directly; 902 818 9055 or fill out the form. I’m happy to chat!

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