HFX Burger Week – Gahan & Canvas & Relish


It’s been one heck of a week of burgers, and I still  can’t believe there is someone out there who has eaten over 40 already – that’s dedication.  Check out LIFE OF BURGERS for the experience.

We tried the burger at Relish this week on Quinpool – a simple burger going for the “big crunch” with frizzled onions and BBQ sauce.  At dinner time the place was full to bursting – I counted 14 people in line ahead of me as I waited to order.  Surprisingly, the burger didn’t take that long.

HFX burger week Relish

I had read great things about the Burger at Gahan House and I was not disappointed.  You could tell they baked their own bun (with beer, no less) and the meat itself was tasty and grilled,  and there were plenty of toppings such as sharp cheddar cheese and candied bacon.  They also added pulled pork which gave an unexpected sweetness, and then, the masterpiece:  a nice thick slice of crispy fried pickle on the bottom.  This burger was filling and full of sensational flavours – I would definitely recommend this one!

Gahan House burger HFX burger week

hfx burger week Gahan House

We really enjoyed the burger at Canvas Resto on Brunswick as well.  I liked the idea of the slice of provolone cheese crusted in cornmeal as an addition to the patty.  This was one big burger – a full 8 ounces.  Really filling – with lettuce and tomato, and also a chili sauce on the bottom and a rich garlic sauce on the top.  Very decadent all around.  Fantastic service at both Gahan and Canvas – great people!

hfx burger week Canvas