A Tasting With Jane

All In the Neighbourhood

Meet Jane Wright, owner of Jane’s On the Common and Jane’s Next Door as she shares stories from her childhood and treats us to a beautiful tasting of lobster and fresh salad rolls. Samantha King from the One Block Barbershop next door joins us to discuss their unique, community-oriented salon and other great spots in the Gottingen neighbourhood. Find out where to purchase your next flat-screen TV, hear unexpected striptease stories and more! It’s a North End blast on this foodie podcast with Local Tasting Tours in Halifax.

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Jane's Next Door Gottingen StSamantha One Block Barbershop

A Burger and a Deck of Cards

Meet Chef Andrew Prince, one of the main players on Team Ace Burger Co. at Gus’ Pub and Bearly’s in Halifax, serving up an outrageous number of the best burgers in the city all year long.  Guest Margo MacGregor from Local Dine Deck tastes the flagship burger and tells us about the amazing deals at local eateries available through this simple deck of cards. We talk asparagus, local craft beer, new downtown burger menus, whole roast pig, Kept boutique in Dartmouth, and so much more.  It’s all about the burger.

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Sausage Fest Tour

sausage fest Halifax

Sausage Themed HFX NORTH Food Tours during Sausage Fest 2014!

Sausage Fest 2014


For 10 days this August, Nova Scotians will have access to a wide range of restaurant and retail specials where the sausage takes centre stage, along with an amazing series of pop-up events. Halifax, Lunenburg, and the Annapolis Valley will be THE place to be from August 14 – 24, and this website is where you will have access to all Sausage Fest activities.

Try a sausage themed Food Tour

During Sausage Fest week in Halifax, Local Tasting Tours will be operating the

HFX NORTH Craft Beer and Food Tour

with a tasting menu designed to highlight a brand new sausage theme in honor of the best of Nova Scotian sausage making and chefs.  Taste innovative sausage plates, locally cured meats, and sausage inspired dishes along with all the other goodies and local craft beer presented on this delicious exploration of Halifax’s newest culinary district in the North End.

Thursday August 14

Friday August 15

Saturday August 16

Thursday August 21

Friday August 22

Saturday August 23

Sausage Fest 2014


Show us your local food photos and WIN 2 HFX North Craft Beer and Food Tour tickets!!


Want to experience Halifax like a foodie?  Show us your local love!

Halifax shawarma

Local Love


It’s simple:

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Draw takes place on May 23 so don’t miss this chance to taste the best of Halifax’s best North End eateries and local craft beer!


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Tasting at Hali Deli Old World Delicatessen


Come taste some Old World Deli with us at Hali Deli in Halifax’s newest culinary district. Meet owner and chef Sybil and hear about the tallest burger in town, addictive in-house fries and her famous perfect-every-time New York style cheesecake. Special guest Janet from Bide Awhile Animal Shelter tells us about her incredibly cute furry pals looking for a home and also experiences with home-grown art on the South Shore.

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I Love Local HFX Open City May 10



Don’t miss your chance to check out the very first

 HFX North Craft Beer and Food Tour

during OPEN CITY 3.0 LIVE LIFE LOUD  ….for half price!  

That’s a $40 tour including 3 craft beer tastings and 8 local food tastings at the hottest restaurants in town for $20 taxes in.   

Locally owned Halifax businesses which make the city so special

from the folks at I LOVE LOCAL HFX:

What began as an experiment in 2012 is now our biggest initiative of the year and one of the highlights of our fair city. This year’s Open City will be held on Saturday May 10 and promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Our theme this year is LIVE LIFE LOUD – which may be self explanatory to some, but for others you may be wondering what the heck we mean by that.

Like much of Open City, it’s open to interpretation, but we when we say we want you to LIVE LIFE LOUD, we mean we want you to try new things, to get out of your house – and maybe your comfort zone, and explore new tastes, new experiences, new culture, and meet new people.

How much more vibrant would our city be if just some of those take out meals were enjoyed actually in the restaurants, or in our parks, on our waterfront – instead of sitting in your house tweeting about it.

How much more vibrant would our city be if we didn’t go home at 9:00 – if we stayed out, walking the streets of your neighbourhood, listening to a jazz trio busking in Victoria Park.

How much more exciting would your kids find the trip to the Saturday market if afterwards they went for a picnic to Point Pleasant Park, or even McNab’s Island for the day.

How much richer would your life be if rather than reading a blog about art, you actually went to our galleries, makerspaces, or universities and experienced it in real-time.

So, it’s up to us to entertain you on May 10, but it’s up to you to come out and take part in as much as you can possibly squeeze into a day.

Back Door Takeout – Artist For A Day – Museum Deals – Shopping Deals – Charities – Music

Your Guide to Delicious

Tongue sandwich?  Yes, and so much more at Field Guide on Gottingen Street in Halifax.  This podcast introduces young owners Dan Vorstermans and Ceilidh Sutherland who have the shared dining experience menu down, from ever-changing creative cocktails to new spins on off-cuts and a revamped Halifax donair.  Special guest Alex Coley talks about local youth programs such as OpporTUNEity and the Youth Art Connection, we learn about the biggest fish ever to be caught in Tatamagouche, hear about awesome local records shops and much more!  Take a Bite Out of Halifax!

Field Guide Youth Art Connection Obsolete Records King Wah


Field Guide restaurant on Gottingen Street Halifax


Hey everybody, this is Emily with Local Tasting Tours.  Don’t forget to check out our upcoming Halifax North Craft Beer and Food Tour which is in development: starting in May.  We’re here at Field Guide on Gottingen Street with owners Dan Vorstermans and Ceilidh Sutherland.  Dan, one of the first thing I heard about you guys was that you were going to focus on as many local producers as you could.


Yeah, I mean, the main reason we did it is cause for us, that’s just the way that it makes sense to eat.  Locally grown produce has more nutrients in it because it’s picked in the peak of its ripeness – so there’s that stuff.  In terms of meat and fish, I don’t really see much reason to go out of the province.  We raise pretty much any kind of meat that you’d ever want to get in Nova Scotia, including stuff like llama and emu.  And we have great seafood here, obviously, and seafood again is always best when it’s freshest.  The only oil we use here is locally grown canola oil from Hill Creek Family Farm.  This canola oil, it’s cold pressed, it’s really high quality – it has as much flavour as a good olive oil.  We didn’t really have to think about it that much.  We just said, you know, this is what we’re going to do because it makes sense.


Ceilidh, you have so many shared plates on the menu.


Yeah, that’s how Dan and I like to eat when we go out.  We always really explore menus, and we’ll do things like only order -you know, all of the starters, instead of having three courses to our meal.


I understand that you got some expert help on setting up your cocktail menu.


Yeah we are now doing a monthly cocktail menu, so we have 12 drinks on there: six classics and six contemporaries.  We have a bar consultant, Jeffrey Van Horne who also works down at the Bicycle Thief, and he’s helped us a lot, both before we opened and since we’ve been open.  And then our head bartender’s name is Shane Behan.


I thought it was kind of cute how you were changing the menu more often and people were missing things already?


Yeah we started out doing weekly menus.  I mean we still get requests for drinks that were on our first menu when we opened in November, and people were saying, No I still wanted to like – I still wanted to keep drinking that cocktail, but now I’m tempted by these new options… So we decided to just go with a monthly menu so that people could get more familiar with the drinks.


Ceilidh, how do you like this neighbourhood?


Dan and I have lived in the North End for a few years now, and we would not be anywhere else.  We really always wanted to make our living here as well, and to employ other people who live in the neighbourhood.  Yeah – we love being on Gottingen Street, it’s a really, really exciting time.  We’re closed on Tuesdays and we never know what to do – like we want to go everywhere.  And I think that the things that are happening with food in the North End are really different than what you’re seeing elsewhere in Halifax.


I agree, its… the vibe is growing.  Our guest today is Alex Coley and he’s the founder of something called Project OpporTUNEity which is associated with the Youth Art Connection.


So as an employee for the Cohn auditorium, and working with camps all through my youth, I noticed being exposed to a lot of different live performance – it really inspired me, and I think it had a pretty profound effect on my perspective and what I want to do with my life.  I found myself in a situation where I feel I can provide that experience for other youth that wouldn’t necessarily get that experience.  So I’ve been working directly with Pheonix Youth Choir and Moe Green’s boys groups at Oxford School in Highland Park, some different things through Youth Art Connection.  So, essentially, my agenda is getting these young – youth – into concerts.


The ARTPRENEUR program I thought was kind of neat – so it’s almost encouraging kids, if they have an artistic skill that they want to develop, to look at that as a career?


So Ryan Veltmeyer and Ann Denny who are the creators and directors of Youth Art Connection… and I mean, they’ve really been mentoring me.  What they do with their Artpreneur program is that they find mentors in different art communities to mentor these young professionals that want to pursue a career in the arts.


And there’s a fundraiser coming up, I understand – – ARTCELERATION…? (laughs)


That’s happening on January 29 from 5:00 to 7:00 at McInnis Cooper.  So that’s going to be in collaboration with the Michel Jean Foundation, and it’s going to be trying to create a dialogue around how the arts can create a positive impact in the community and on people’s lives.


Okay.  I thought it was kind of cool how your menu is just on a chalk board – and then, if you have a group of people you suggest….?


Yeah, we suggest that you try the whole menu.  So normally there would be about 10 things on the menu.  It’s a really, really fun way to experience all the food.  And then often they’ll end up going back and kind of ordering their favourite dishes.  So often they’ll re-order the donair steam buns cause there’s two in an order, so that’s been really cool to see.  And if someone does that, we always throw in one of our desserts for free as a little incentive for trying the whole menu.


(mouth full)  So what’s in the donair?


The donair is a house-made donair meat which has pork and lamb, and also lamb liver, and spices and salt, and we kind of cook it like a meatloaf, and then it’s cut into these thick slices and put inside a traditional style open-faced steam bun with a house-made donair sauce that does not have sweetened condensed milk in it.  Which – (laughs) I’m always happy to tell people.  And we have some tomatoes and onion on the plate.  So it’s just like a really fun take on the classic Halifax donair.


The little steam bun – you say you take inspiration from other cities…


Yeah we had eaten at Momofuku last year and they have amazing steam buns.  They have – yeah, like so, so delicious.  Like maybe you don’t even want to eat the ramen because the steam buns are so good.  Like you could just go in and eat all the steam buns and not have anything else and be totally satisfied.  So – yeah, definitely took some inspiration from them.  And we find that every time we make the steam buns they get a little bit better – so perfecting that recipe.


And you do a lot of your own bread baking here – that’s a beautiful looking tongue sandwich.  You said that you have older customers here, and then younger customers who are getting… adventurous?


Yeah, I’ve been really pleased to see a really wide demographic of people coming in and enjoying the food.  Yeah, a lot of our older customers who are coming in are seeing things on the menu like bone marrow, and tongue, other offal and off-cuts and stuff like that and they’re really, really excited about it.  They sometimes actually get annoyed when we don’t have enough of it on the menu.  And then, yeah -the same with younger people – I’m really noticing a huge trend of younger people just wanting to try everything and not being freaked out about it.  And saying, ‘Oh, I’ve never had this thing before, and I don’t know if I’m going to like it, but I’m willing to spend a little bit of money and try it.’


Alex, can you give me your take on the donair?


Yeah, I mean, I haven’t eaten a donair in quite a few years because after I eat them I feel like I’m going to die.  But that was delicious.  That was easily better than the donairs I’ve had before.


It’s kind of light.  So I asked you immediately Alex if you were ‘freaked out’ by the sandwich, but you said you made a decision to sort of change the way you eat?


Yeah when I was probably 11 or 12, I remember I was eating calamari, and I was holding up a piece and I looked at my dad and I said, ‘This kinda looks like octopus,’ and he said, ‘It is octopus.’ And I thought he was joking.  I guess that was a big moment where I realized that just because something looks gross doesn’t mean that it can be gross.  And I ate it, and I decided that I still liked it, so – why not try all these other things?


And the tongue sandwich… I just got that really rich, beef flavour, too.


Like I said, I don’t know if I would have even known it was tongue if I’d been eating it… it just tastes like a really tender piece of roast beef.


So we get the beef tongue from Oultons up in Windsor – and basically I salt it overnight with some herbs and garlic just to build a bit of flavour and then poach it, and then slice it thin.  So it’s served cold with a parsnip/caramelized onion kind of sauce that goes with it, and then we serve it on a house-made kind of milk bread.  And then there’s a bit of the Dutchman’s old growler gouda on there, which is nice and salty and sharp, which adds a lot of flavour.  And then some fresh parsley, just- I like fresh parsley on every sandwich ever, just because it makes it taste nice and fresh, obviously, and kind of brightens the whole thing up – so yeah.


Just a couple of questions: Alex – do you have a favourite kind of cherished food memory from your childhood?


Yeah.  I remember back before King Wah took out the MSG in their food.  They made dumplings, and all my family lives in England, so around Christmas, that was kind of the time I got to see all of my family and I just, I have these great memories of sitting around one of those big tables with the kind of wheel in the middle and all of us fighting over the last dumpling.


And Ceilidh, you said you could remember some stuff from your childhood in Tatamagouche?


So I grew up in the country, I have two older brothers and an older sister – we would make our own maple syrup in the spring.  My brothers are really, really into fishing, they’re still into fishing, and we live right beside a river.  I remember one day when my brother caught a trout with…a leaf…on… a hook… His brother can also catch fish with his bare hands.  Anyway he just brought it home and he was so excited, I mean, running up from the river cause it was like the biggest one, and like taking photos of it and it being this big thing.  And then like going into the garden and like digging potatoes, and picking peas, and having this like big beautiful family meal in the summertime.


It’s a beautiful story.  Dan, do you have a favourite locally owned business in the province?


Yeah, I mean, since we’re based in the North End, I really love how many small, independent businesses there are up here.  One that comes to mind is Obsolete Records in the North End.  I just love it – it’s a tiny little shop.  The guy who owns it is there every time you go in – great guy, they have an awesome selection of records which I spend way too much of my money on.. and yeah, it’s just a great place.


Um…Frederic from Ratinaud just came by and borrowed some buckets… I thought that was an interesting community feel here.  And Alex – do you have a contact for people who want to learn a little more about Project OpporTUNEity?


Yeah -so we’re hoping to get a website up and running quite shortly, but until then you can check out Youth Art Connection at their website – youthartconnection.ca – and then if any of you wants to contact me directly, they can email me at AL698302@DAL.CA!


Oh that’s so easy to remember (laughs).  Ceilidh… well first of all, what are your hours, and how can people come down and find you?


So we’re closed on Tuesdays.  We’re open Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:00 until 12:00 – – and Friday and Saturday from 6:00 until 1 am.  And you can find out more information on our website which is fieldguidehfx.com – and our twitter and instagram is also @fieldguidehfx.  So you can find us there!


Thank you so much for this beautiful food – thank you everybody for taking part.  Really looking forward to more meals here, and to hearing more about OpporTUNEity.  This is Emily with Local Tasting Tours… take a tour… Take a Bite Out of Halifax!