Come taste the best of Halifax with us as we visit the Stubborn Goat and talk local craft beer with chef Tyler Smith and also guest Andrew Cooper from Propeller Brewing Company.  We sample wicked Risotto Croquettes, Bacon Mac N Cheese (mac and cheese sandwich, anyone?), talk Sausage Fest HFX and the upcoming Sausage Crawl, innovative menus and more!  It’s delicious – don’t miss it!

Stubborn Goat sausage

SausageFest HFX

Stubborn Goat patio

The Rum Runners Tour

Rum Runners Tour

Have a delicious taste of history while sampling local rum cake and mouth-watering hand crafted confections on the Halifax waterfront. Join us at the Rum Runners Rum Cake Factory and Sugah! for a look back in time at the rum running trade in Nova Scotia.  Hear stories of Old Salts, Blind Pigs, and more.  It’s the Real McCoy!


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A Burger and a Deck of Cards

Meet Chef Andrew Prince, one of the main players on Team Ace Burger Co. at Gus’ Pub and Bearly’s in Halifax, serving up an outrageous number of the best burgers in the city all year long.  Guest Margo MacGregor from Local Dine Deck tastes the flagship burger and tells us about the amazing deals at local eateries available through this simple deck of cards. We talk asparagus, local craft beer, new downtown burger menus, whole roast pig, Kept boutique in Dartmouth, and so much more.  It’s all about the burger.