Halifax Magazine

“Behind the Scenes Cuisine“, reviewed by Janice Hudson – January, 2015

The Open Kitchen Food Tour takes people behind the scenes of some of Halifax’s hottest culinary spots.
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“An Open Kitchen Food Tour in the North End of Halifax“, reviewed by Michelle Doucette  – April, 2015

If you are into local food, or might enjoy learning more about Halifax’s unique communities, I highly recommend checking out the tours offered by Local Tasting Tours.
Ottawa Citizen

Walking tour offers delicious way to experience historical Halifax”, reviewed by Aly Thomson – May 26, 2014

Local Tasting Tours is giving tourists a personal and delicious experience of Halifax’s most popular eateries and hidden gems, while also offering a taste of the city’s rich history.
Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney Australia

“Food tour comes with a side of history”, reviewed by Lindy Brophy – March 10, 2013

Along with the food came a taste of the history of this eastern seaboard city.Lindy Brophy, Sydney Morning Herald
The Local Traveler

“Night Out on Quinpool” Gillian Wesley – May 23, 2014

We finished the night at Sweet Hereafter. Our whole table was pleasantly stuffed with great food and struggling (but still eager) to fit in the two types of cheesecake we were presented with.Gillian Wesley, The Local Traveler
Halifax Food Blog - Eat Real, Be Real, NS

“Night Out on Quinpool Food Tour”, Halifax Food Blog – Eat Real, Be Real, NS! – June 23, 2013

I recommend the food tours to anybody touring the city, new residents, and even locals who are not aware of the great local independent restaurants that are available to them.Eat Real, Be Real NS

“Halifax Local Tasting Tour”, Halifax Food Blog – Eat Real, Be Real, NS! – July 12, 2012

Overall I had a great time on the tour. I ate great food and learned a LOT about Halifax. I hope that the tour is eventually expanded to include other areas of the city so that I can learn about other great spots to visit.Eat Real, Be Real NS
The Gourmet Traveler
Bite Sized Travel

“Hometown travel: Eating around Halifax with Local Tasting Tours”, Krista Spurr – Bite Sized Travel – July 10, 2012

For visitors and newcomers to our city and long-time residents alike, I guarantee you’ll learn something new and have an a lot of fun eating your way through Halifax. Just in my own experience, our group had eight people, all of whom were from Nova Scotia. Judging by the questions and the reactions as we went along, I wasn’t the only one learning a lot while enjoying the eats.Krista Spurr, Bited Sized Travel

Eat This Town - Halifax Nova Scotia

“HFX North Craft Beer and Food Tour”, Lindsay Nelson – May 23, 2014

Again, right next door (because this block of Agricola is awesome) we entered Lion & Bright for our third beer sample: the Belgian IPA from North Brewing (also located just down the street!). This was accompanied by a grilled cheese sandwich of goats cheese, apple, and rhubarb purée on Local Source bread! Yum!Eat This Town Halifax Food Blog
Not Quite Nigella

Not Quite Nigella – Halifax, Nova Scotia – Oct 4, 2013

The first taste is a sampler of the “Harvest Salad” which is full of crisp, fresh greens, slices of spring turnip and cucumber with a sweet vinaigrette made with local honey, apple cider vinegar and olive oil.”Lorraine Elliott, Not Quite Nigella
Halifax Chronicle Herald

“Getting a Taste of Halifax’s North End” – Patricia Brooks Arenburg – May 19, 2014

The new tour, which launched May 10 for Open City, includes local food and craft beer tastings, a smattering of area history and more about the chefs and entrepreneurs who are helping redefine the city’s north end.Patricia Brooks Arenburg