Rachael Sheppard was born in Nova Scotia and is a long time Halifax Local. Rachael has a genuine love for the city, and a passion for food and local business that shines through on her tours. Coming from a varied background that includes performance, skilled trades, writing, fitness and food; Rachael offers a unique perspective on what it means to be Nova Scotian. Having lived in every Halifax neighbourhood, Rachael now lives in the North End of the city with her two daughters, husband, and a little black pug. Join Rachael for an afternoon of  delicious food, history and stories infused with her warm sense of humour. It’s Halifax as she lives and loves it.

Forrest is extremely knowledgeable about the people behind the counters at each stop. She paints a picture of passionate people drawn into the food service industry by a desire to serve fresh, tasty, local food.Hfx NewsNet



Claire and PollyClaire Gallant is a chef and performer from Halifax. She was the garde-manger cook at fid Resto and also cooked in several Toronto restaurants before coming on board with Local Tasting Tours in 2013. Claire is a cellist with a wide performance background, including shows with Zuppa Theatre Co., KanYe West, and Anne Murray, and a Masters of Music in Performance degree from the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, England. Claire is lucky to have travelled throughout the Middle East, Europe, the USA, and India, and samples local food in every place. Culinary highlights include the Venetian specialty anchovy and onion pasta with buckwheat noodles, a vegan tasting menu at New York’s acclaimed Per Se, and dinner at Luksus, in Brooklyn, NY. Claire lives in Halifax’s North End with her husband Alex and their two young children, Cash and Polly. It makes her very happy to spend the summer walking and talking Halifax.

Our guide, Claire did an amazing job on the tour and being a former chef was extremely informative. We have done a few of these tours and they are great!Trip Advisor
Take a food tour.  Take a bite out of Halifax!