Our affordable, entertaining food and walking tours are a terrific way to check out Halifax’s culinary delights while learning about the city and its people. Each tasting tour includes delicious samples of a wide variety of foods which reflect the diversity of our city’s unique cuisine. Gain an insider’s look into locally owned, one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants operating in our beautiful, historic downtown. Learn fun facts from our local guides who are passionate about the city’s thriving food scene, meet talented chefs and learn the secrets behind their delectable offerings. Take a tour to remember. Take a bite out of Halifax!

About Us


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Local Tasting Tours is Halifax Nova Scotia’s first food tour.  The culinary walking tours were developed after years of living in Halifax and exploring the ever-changing, exciting local food scene ourselves. Halifax is a walking city, with endless details to check out – including popular, locally owned shops and restaurants, which often pop up in stunning buildings rich in history.

Our love of all things foodie led us to some amazing local meals, as well as culinary trips to other cities. When travelling, we find the best way to discover the culture is to walk as much as possible, and eat as much as possible. We believe that experiencing a city close up through its food, its people and its unique neighbourhoods gives a true taste of what it’s like to live there.

Local Tasting Tours highlights the local side of Halifax cuisine, from the unique culinary style of local chefs, to the diverse dishes offered in locally owned ethnic eateries, to fresh Nova Scotia-grown produce and dishes inspired by our local bounty.

We hope that after taking one of our walking tours, you will be inspired to revisit and further explore the neighbourhoods, one-of-a-kind locally owned businesses and restaurants which make Halifax such a superb and memorable city.

Experience the delicious side of local. Take a food tour!  Take a bite out of Halifax!