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HFX Burger Week – Gahan & Canvas & Relish


It’s been one heck of a week of burgers, and I still  can’t believe there is someone out there who has eaten over 40 already – that’s dedication.  Check out LIFE OF BURGERS for the experience.

We tried the burger at Relish this week on Quinpool – a simple burger going for the “big crunch” with frizzled onions and BBQ sauce.  At dinner time the place was full to bursting – I counted 14 people in line ahead of me as I waited to order.  Surprisingly, the burger didn’t take that long.

HFX burger week Relish

I had read great things about the Burger at Gahan House and I was not disappointed.  You could tell they baked their own bun (with beer, no less) and the meat itself was tasty and grilled,  and there were plenty of toppings such as sharp cheddar cheese and candied bacon.  They also added pulled pork which gave an unexpected sweetness, and then, the masterpiece:  a nice thick slice of crispy fried pickle on the bottom.  This burger was filling and full of sensational flavours – I would definitely recommend this one!

Gahan House burger HFX burger week

hfx burger week Gahan House

We really enjoyed the burger at Canvas Resto on Brunswick as well.  I liked the idea of the slice of provolone cheese crusted in cornmeal as an addition to the patty.  This was one big burger – a full 8 ounces.  Really filling – with lettuce and tomato, and also a chili sauce on the bottom and a rich garlic sauce on the top.  Very decadent all around.  Fantastic service at both Gahan and Canvas – great people!

hfx burger week Canvas

HFX Burger Week – Flipburger and Le Bistro by Liz


Another fabulous day of HFX Burger Week – although windy and ABSOLUTELY FREEZING, the amazing burgers warmed us all up.  My first burger of the day I found at Flipburger on Argyle Street.  It was the middle of the afternoon, so they were having a bit of a lull, but the place started filling up with burger hunters just as I was leaving.  This spot has classic and specialty burgers, and also great shakes.  My vanilla shake was thick and packed full of ice cream.  

Flipburger Argyle St Halifax

I had the Big Smoke Burger, which was featured for Burger Week.  Really juicy, make before my eyes in the open kitchen, a fabulous burger.  I loved their addition of applewood smoked bacon, smoked gouda and smoked tomato to enhance the whole Big Smoke factor.  Really delicious! The bacon was done just right.

Flipburger Hfx burger week

Due to embarrassment, I will not reveal the time lapse between burgers on this day.  But my next stop was at Le Bistro by Liz on South Park Street.   We featured these folks on our Local Tasting Tours podcast a while back, and were so impressed with their menu, their friendliness, the live music line-up, and their gorgeous space – so inviting!

Hfx burger Week le Bistro by Liz

I had my eye on the Le Bistro Haddock Burger last year for Burger Week and I never made it.  It may be that I was hankering for some good Maritime seafood after all the beef I’ve been eating this week, but this burger really blew my mind.  That haddock was so fresh it flaked apart as I was eating it – a truly generous portion with an incredibly crispy breading and lots of seasoning.  Special sauce, whole wheat bun, crisp lettuce and tomato.  To have this fresh seafood fall under the $5 burger roster for Burger Week is really a steal.  I totally recommend this burger.  Beautiful!

Le Bistro by Liz haddock burger

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Open Kitchen food tour Halifax

HFX Burger Week – Athens & EnVie


Another day, another burger, or two.  Saturday was a delicious mix of lamb burger and vegan burger for us here in the heart of this awesome Maritime burger heaven.

lamb burger athens halifax

So I headed to Athens on Quinpool Road with a group of friends around brunch time – surprisingly, some in the group did NOT have a burger, but opted for the buffet (did you know that the Athens brunch buffet has pizza, french toast, chili, fresh baked bread, croissants, sausages… shall I go on?). The friendly folks on staff told me that their burger numbers were off the charts this year.  They said they had wondered if they were even going to get involved in burger week because they don’t think of themselves as a burger joint – but they figured they were sort of  burger experts when they’ve had  famous homemade burgers on the menu for over 30 years.  This was a simple burger – and really something else.  They have cuts of fresh lamb which they grind themselves in the kitchen to make a beautiful lamb burger with housemade tzatziki, feta, lettuce, tomato and onion.  They bake all their own bread onsite, and you can tell.  Soft, fresh white bun, fresh juicy lamb, cooked to perfection.  This is one beautiful burger.

athens greek restaurant

Next burger stop was EnVie on Charles and Agricola – I had spoken with owner Diandra the day before and got word on how many of these amazing V-MACS they were going through each day — hundreds!  This wonderful neighbourhood restaurant decided to do a vegan version of a Big Mac – which beats the original by a mile.  They can barely keep up with the demand.  I went at 5 o’clock sharp, and the place was full.  These folks work hard and they really know what they’re doing.  An award winning menu.

halifax burger week

I was so impressed with the flavours in this burger.  The three part bun was baked fresh next door at LOCAL SOURCE MARKET, and it had a crispness and gorgeous flavour of its own – it’s not one of those buns which just gets lost behind the burger.  The black bean patties were very filling and beautifully spiced – the greens were fresh, the ‘cheese’ slices were packed with sharp goodness, and the secret sauce was so bizarrely like the Big Mac secret sauce that I wondered if someone in the kitchen had done some espionage. Everything about this burger was 100% meat and dairy free.  Amazing work.

en vie halifax vegan

en vie halifax a vegan kitchen


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HFX Burger Week – Five Fish & Chives


Another hard day of Burger Week in Halifax.  For lunch, I met my brother at the Five Fishermen Grill on Argyle street (parade square has been cleared of snow, btw) and we ordered the Portobello Burger.  I’ve got to say, without examining the Burger Passport too closely, I just assumed it would be a big juicy mushroom grilled and on a bun, like I have had portobello burgers before.  This was actually a beef burger, topped with portobello slices, roasted red pepper, greens and lots and lots of cheese.

Five Fishermen HalifaxFive Fish burger

The bun was really nice and soft, a sourdough type bread.  The cheese really made the burger for me.  Filling and juicy.  I had mine with a side salad – all this burger noshing is making me feel like I need my greens and HOW.  Really like the space at Five Fish downstairs – fun and open with cool booths and exposed stone, and the staff were really friendly.  They wanted to know what other burgers we had tried so far, and I think they said they had a customer who came in during the afternoon on Day 1 of Burger Week who had already had four burgers.

Chives Canadian Bistro

For dinner we could not resist the Chives Canadian Bistro burger week offering. The description alone made me drool.  I knew they would be busy with Friday night reservations but they were very kind to fit us in.  We started with the Market Salad of the day and cheese plate, but then… what a  burger.  This was braised short ribs and tenderloin, with shaved parmesan and a free range egg on top.  The bun was exquisite – done in house.  Crispy deep dried onion on the bottom for crunch.  This was a giant burger.

chives burgerchives

I especially loved the duck fat fries – HEAVEN – and the hollandaise dipping sauce.  Hot yolk running from my burger was a plus, too.

Five Fishermenchives canadian bistro

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HFX Burger Week… Hali Deli Burger


Burger at Hali Deli


On the first day of #hfxburgerweek I tiptoed through the snowbanks and made it down to a packed Hali Deli on Agricola Street for lunch.  Despite the waist high snow and sporadic sidewalk clearing, it was a bright, sunny, even warm day – a perfect start for the week when everyone gets out of the house to hunt for burgers.  Hali Deli had tweeted just an hour before that they were ready to go for Burger Week shortly after 12 noon.  When I got there, they were almost full. I had been dreaming about this burger for a while.  I sat at the retro bar and chatted with Mike as he poured drinks, made milkshakes and distributed mile high burgers.  Owner Victor Fineberg was on hand and we had a chat about their recent showing on YOU GOTTA EAT HERE – a great spot.  Daniel was working his magic in the kitchen and my burger came out in no time.  This is one of amazing $5 burger deals for #hfxburgerweek and it really is a deal. image6

The thing that really makes this one of my favourite burgers in town is the crispy potato latke inside.  The potato is a great flavour pairing, but the way they crisp up the nice thin latke gives you the best crunch when you bite in.  Because of the storm the day before, Victor said he was running out to their bakery first thing in the morning to pick up their famous burger buns – and man, those were fresh.  I noticed that Daniel gave them a little time on the grill, too, as the bottom crust was crispy with a little fat, just like a grilled cheese.  You can tell they make the patties with 100% beef, by hand – no fillers here.  There’s a wicked slice of smoked meat in there, too, lots of fresh, thick sliced red onion, lettuce and tomato.  The crowning glory is owner/chef Sybil’s own sweet relish on the top – bright red and full of flavour.

Don’t miss this Hali Deli burger –  and while you’re here, you’ll find you just can’t go home without trying the BEST hand cut fries in town, and Sybil’s triple layer chocolate cake.  This is old school deli at its best.

Hali Deli North End Halifax


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A Taste of Italy with Pavia Gallery

Meet the owners of Pavia Gallery in the new Central Library in downtown Halifax and talk exciting new food journals with special guest Michelle from Atlantic News. In this podcast we learn how the cappuccino got its name, taste delicious Sienna-inspired treats, hear about David Chang’s publication Lucky Peach, and discuss fabulous local spots P’lovers and Rousseau Chocolatier. Come have a taste of Italy with us! Take a Bite out of Halifax!              


pavia gallery halifax